The First Noel

The First Noel

Christmas music plays, the remains of our breakfast are on the table and the scent of Irish crème brewed coffee is in the air. Our white pine Christmas tree is easily seven feet tall. Lights, garland, wreaths, scented candles, potpourri, and above all, the sweet Christmas story of Luke chapter 2 read by Daddy earlier that morning to three squirming children who weren’t really listening. All the ingredients are present for a traditional celebration of one of Christianity’s holiest days. However, a stocking hangs empty here this morning in memory of a blond, blue-eyed boy who would have been fifteen years old this Christmas.

 In the joy of the morning he is sorely missed and dearly beloved. His ornament hangs on our tree, not a sad reminder, but a reminder still, of his presence in our lives. Once, thousands of years before this day, Jesus Christ left His throne in heaven and came and was born a human child, thus fulfilling God the Father’s plan for the ages. On that day heaven’s loss was gain for all mankind and this morning as the joy-filled strains of “The First Noel” filter through our home, we know that our loss is gain for him whom we miss and heaven is richer for us forever because of it. Six months ago this very day a deposit was made for us in heaven and we look forward to the day when we enjoy all the benefits of receiving again what we can never really lose.

To read more about my journey through loss, order my book, “Selah, Finding Solace After the Loss of a Child”, on my Contact Page.

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